Alex Harris

Photographer - Camera Operator
Video Editor - After Effects Animation


Seriously, look at the before and afters of Lightroom Editing I’ve done. I will make you look pretty, don’t worry.

Photos of Conventions, Headshots, Weddings, Portraits.

Aerial Photography

I was already a Photographer first, which means a strong understanding of shooting in every lighting condition. Just check out the wide variety.

Mostly Real Estate, Landscapes, Cliffs at Beaches, Nature, Mansions, things like that.

Video Editing
After Effects Animation

Why Me?

High Grade Mics for super clear audio
Long, proven record of bad producers giving very little direction and having to seriously take control of the project. Use me as your entire off-site department, or send me specifics/guidelines and I can follow your direction.

Camera Operator
Drone Pilot

Nothing to say about this, its more of a visual thing.

My Favorites <3

Photo Portfolio

Everything that didn’t have a home somewhere else but I still really want you to see because I have nobody else to show this to seriously.

┬áMom – sick of it.
Friends – sick of it.
Dogs – unclear.

Want to talk to me about your project?